Gelato Messina

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Going for ice cream is up there with going to the movies and getting coffee in the typical date idea hall of fame. But this isn’t, so why would we need to suggest getting ice cream then? Don’t get us wrong going for ice cream is a great date idea, but why not aim higher and get the best gelato in Australia? According to the Good Food Guide you’ll get this at  Gelato Messina.

IceBar Melbourne

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Are you looking for an idea to break the ice on your next date? Well IceBar Melbourne is the perfect date idea to make that happen! This place is such a unique setting as it is the only ice bar in Australia. These surroundings will easily spark free-flowing conversation and create fun memories. Plus if you can’t get a cuddle from your date at -10°C, it’s probably never going to happen.

Mollie’s Bar and Diner

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Melbourne can feel pretty dreary in the depths of winter and most people think you have to fly far away to escape it. However Mollie’s Bar and Diner allows you and your date to escape by climbing a single flight of stairs. Fans of Enid Blyton’s “The Magic Faraway Tree” will feel right at home as they climb up from the cold, slippery abyss of Smith Street into a summery and welcoming environment. Also both The Magic Faraway Tree and Mollie’s Bar and Diner have a really big tree that is very central to their character.

Little Creatures Picnic Bike Melbourne

Little Creatures Picnic Bikes

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*Unfortunately, this venue has closed but you can grab a bike and beer at the new Geelong Little Creatures *

Now everybody knows a picnic is a great date idea, but let us help you step that date up a little. At Little Creatures Dining Hall you can buy a picnic packed for you and two bikes are thrown in for free!

Fitzroy Victoria Bowling and Sports Club

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Do you have a tendency to over think your romantic endeavours? Its probably time to just roll with it. Now that the weathers great why not plan a date outside? How about trying something different? Sometimes the best dates are when you’re not trying to dazzle your date with extravagance but instead just simply have fun together.

Palookaville (Now Closed)

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Got someone you’d really like to spend a romantic date night with, but not sure whether to invite them out for dinner or drinks? Take them here. Do you want to spoil someone with amazing food, but are nervous you can’t afford it? Take them here. If you haven’t got the idea yet we think Palookaville is a very special place and we think you should go there.