Gelato Messina

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Going for ice cream is up there with going to the movies and getting coffee in the typical date idea hall of fame. But this isn’t, so why would we need to suggest getting ice cream then? Don’t get us wrong going for ice cream is a great date idea, but why not aim higher and get the best gelato in Australia? According to the Good Food Guide you’ll get this at  Gelato Messina.

Valentine’s Day Melbourne 2017 : Top 5 date ideas

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Valentine’s Day is like the Grand Final of dating. Because whilst you may perform well in the other rounds that year, you can throw it all away if you under perform on that one day in February. We here at fun date ideas don’t want that to happen, so we have helped you out by collecting the top 5 romantic ideas of things to do in Melbourne on the 14th of Feb.


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When you think of romance certain things come to mind; flowers, candlelit dinner and Paris. So why not include all of these things at your next romantic dinner date in Melbourne by making a booking at Entrecôte? This French styled restaurant delivers a memorable vibe to either South Yarra or Melbourne’s CBD, depending on what suits you best. If Paris and candles aren’t romantic enough for you, did we mention unlimited fries are on offer? Well read on if you want to make all of that possible.

Top 5 date ideas this Valentines Day


It could be argued that a healthy relationship should feel like Valentines Day everyday of the year, but you’ll probably find yourself pretty single if it doesn’t feel like it on the 14th of February.  But we here at don’t want that to happen so we have compiled 5 date ideas that you can do around Melbourne which are sure to be the right mix of fun and romantic.

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Is there someone you really want to ask out, but you are too scared of taking the risk and seeming a bit crazy? Do you think it is putting 3 trains on the roof of a building crazy? Of course not, so go now and invite them here to see how well something a little crazy can work. At Easey’s in Collingwood you will find what we think is the most fun burger experience in Melbourne. The highlight of course is getting a seat up in one of the train carriages, that boast a surprisingly good view of Melbourne.

High Tea – Langham Hotel

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High tea rather than seeming like a romantic date idea usually conjures up images of crusty old ladies, sipping tea and commenting on the decline in manners of today’s youth. However the High Tea at the Langham Hotel in Melbourne provides a much slicker and trendier experience than you’d expect.

Red Velvet Cupcake, Little Cupcakes Melbourne

Little Cupcakes

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Degraves street in Melbourne is very much a hidden secret, perfect for a romantic date. It feels like you’ve just stepped out of your daily grind and straight onto Diagon Alley.

Prix Fixe, Starring Philippa Sibley

Prix Fixe (Now Closed)

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We have written previously on how to spice up the tired date idea combo of dinner and a show, however Prix Fixe in Melbourne’s CBD spices up this concept in the most literal of ways. At the restaurant’s heart is the concept of being a place “Where dinner becomes the show.” Forget movie theatres and play halls where you have to sit silently as you passively watch the show take place in the distance. At Prix Fixe the show is delivered to your table. You don’t just see and hear the show like at the movies,  instead you also touch, taste and smell it. All the classics have had legendary directors Spielberg, Tarantino, Lucas, etc. and the show here is no exception with chef Philippa Sibley  bringing her vision to life.