Valentine’s Day Melbourne 2017 : Top 5 date ideas

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Valentine’s Day is like the Grand Final of dating. Because whilst you may perform well in the other rounds that year, you can throw it all away if you under perform on that one day in February. We here at fun date ideas don’t want that to happen, so we have helped you out by collecting the top 5 romantic ideas of things to do in Melbourne on the 14th of Feb.

Top 5 date ideas this Valentines Day


It could be argued that a healthy relationship should feel like Valentines Day everyday of the year, but you’ll probably find yourself pretty single if it doesn’t feel like it on the 14th of February.  But we here at don’t want that to happen so we have compiled 5 date ideas that you can do around Melbourne which are sure to be the right mix of fun and romantic.

Cat in a tunnel

Cat Cafe Melbourne

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Melbourne is a city with cafes so close to it’s heart that you could be lead to believe the Yarra River was a never-ending stream of coffee. So when a unique cafe opens up it’s worth taking note and Cat Cafe Melbourne is certainly unique. Oh and anyone who tries to get you to drink Yarra water is not your friend.

Red Velvet Cupcake, Little Cupcakes Melbourne

Little Cupcakes

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Degraves street in Melbourne is very much a hidden secret, perfect for a romantic date. It feels like you’ve just stepped out of your daily grind and straight onto Diagon Alley.

Princess Theatre

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For as long as dating has occurred dinner and a show has been a cornerstone of classy and romantic dates. However we want to highlight a subtle change to that winning formula, which can improve the experience incredibly. We propose that the ultimate fun date idea is not dinner and a show, but

Fifty Acres

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We don’t know for sure what inspired this name, but a good guess would be that Fifty Acres is how big this café would need to be to deal with its own popularity. This popularity is extremely well deserved however and is a very good date idea. 

Hard Pressed

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Now it’s time to think of a great casual first date. You want something not too intense, but with the option that if it’s going well you’ll easily be able to hangout longer. Alternatively, if it’s going badly you’re not stuck for three hours sitting next to someone you really wish you weren’t. In this case the most perfect simple first date is a coffee date and where better to go than hard pressed.

Love heart in a cafe latte coffee


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Have you ever imagined how your first date would go? First your date will come pick you up from your house with a bouquet full of flowers. Next, you go to the most romantic dinner place overlooking the ocean. When the sunsets you go on a romantic stroll along the beach, the perfect setting for your first kiss. Then what really happens is before the date you’re so racked with nerves and the thought of staring intensely into each other’s eyes over dinner freaks you out. We want to help you make your dream date come true.  To calm those nerves the perfect venue for what you have in mind is critical, because on a first date you’re wanting to get to know the other person and find out if there’s a spark. In order to be natural you want to pick a place in which you feel most comfortable. If that is bringing out the big bucks and sweeping the girl off her feet or if you want to keep it more chilled this site will help you pick the perfect date for each circumstance.  Be it a first date, anniversary date or everything in between. Come to us when you want fun date ideas.