Little Creatures Geelong

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Whether you live locally in Geelong and are struggling for date ideas or are planning a romantic road trip up the coast from Melbourne and along the Great Ocean Road, Little Creatures Brewery is an essential place to visit. Meandering through the grounds you’ll feel like you’ve wandered right into Willy Wonka’s factory, just swap golden tickets for golden beers and you pretty much get the picture.  

Top 5 date ideas this Valentines Day


It could be argued that a healthy relationship should feel like Valentines Day everyday of the year, but you’ll probably find yourself pretty single if it doesn’t feel like it on the 14th of February.  But we here at don’t want that to happen so we have compiled 5 date ideas that you can do around Melbourne which are sure to be the right mix of fun and romantic.

Pixel Alley

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It’s time to stop playing the dating game on the hardest difficulty, because this fun date idea is your cheat code to a new highscore! Pixel Alley on Smith Street, Melbourne takes what could be just a traditional drink and date at a bar to something much more interesting and unique. Welcome to the barcade, insert coin to begin.

Maedaya Sake and Grill

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Have you ever been on a romantic date and just as the convo starts gaining momentum your waiter butts in asking 1,001 questions and listing the specials? Of course there hasn’t been a chance to read the menu yet, you mumble that you need some more time and the two of you are left in awkward silence as your brains race to remember what you had been talking about.

At Maedaya Sake & Grill you will be able to avoid this scene altogether.

House of Jack Rabbit

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Overlooking Port Phillip Bay you’ll really fall down the rabbit hole. The House of Jack Rabbit Café is a tranquil winery, where you can unwind after a long road trip. Relax with a local wine or cider straight from the vineyard or indulge in a feast of fresh produce.

Little Creatures Picnic Bike Melbourne

Little Creatures Picnic Bikes

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*Unfortunately, this venue has closed but you can grab a bike and beer at the new Geelong Little Creatures *

Now everybody knows a picnic is a great date idea, but let us help you step that date up a little. At Little Creatures Dining Hall you can buy a picnic packed for you and two bikes are thrown in for free!

Fitzroy Victoria Bowling and Sports Club

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Do you have a tendency to over think your romantic endeavours? Its probably time to just roll with it. Now that the weathers great why not plan a date outside? How about trying something different? Sometimes the best dates are when you’re not trying to dazzle your date with extravagance but instead just simply have fun together.

Palookaville (Now Closed)

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Got someone you’d really like to spend a romantic date night with, but not sure whether to invite them out for dinner or drinks? Take them here. Do you want to spoil someone with amazing food, but are nervous you can’t afford it? Take them here. If you haven’t got the idea yet we think Palookaville is a very special place and we think you should go there.