Fifty Acres

Brekkie Dates, Melbourne

We don’t know for sure what inspired this name, but a good guess would be that Fifty Acres is how big this café would need to be to deal with its own popularity. This popularity is extremely well deserved however and is a very good date idea. 

Hard Pressed

Brekkie Dates, First Dates, Melbourne

Now it’s time to think of a great casual first date. You want something not too intense, but with the option that if it’s going well you’ll easily be able to hangout longer. Alternatively, if it’s going badly you’re not stuck for three hours sitting next to someone you really wish you weren’t. In this case the most perfect simple first date is a coffee date and where better to go than hard pressed.

The Old Milkbar Café

Brekkie Dates, First Dates, Melbourne

Long before Tinder or the Internet the local milkbar was the hub for romance to blossom. This café which as the name suggests used to be a local milkbar and is the perfect venue to capture some of that innocence and simplicity often lost in the modern approach to falling in love. This is both a simple yet fun date idea.