Date Crate

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Up until now we have only reviewed date ideas that you can go to, but Date Crate is the first date idea that will come to you. For less than the cost of an average dinner for two, you can have a unique date experience delivered to your door. Because all the planning is done for you, Date Crate is the only example of a date idea we can think of where no one on the date has any idea or responsibility to decide where the night will lead. Date Crate shows that a night in, doesn’t need to be a night in vain.

Little Creatures Geelong

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Whether you live locally in Geelong and are struggling for date ideas or are planning a romantic road trip up the coast from Melbourne and along the Great Ocean Road, Little Creatures Brewery is an essential place to visit. Meandering through the grounds you’ll feel like you’ve wandered right into Willy Wonka’s factory, just swap golden tickets for golden beers and you pretty much get the picture.  

Yellow Castle, amongst a wooden maze

Amaze N Games

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Sometimes when your are on a date you are having so much fun you never want it to end.  However at Amaze N Games on the Ballerine you might want to be careful what you wish for. On a traditional date you may at best get lost in their eyes and at worst get actually lost on the way and never make it. But when it comes to the maze at Amaze N Games it’s all part of the fun and games.

House of Jack Rabbit

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Overlooking Port Phillip Bay you’ll really fall down the rabbit hole. The House of Jack Rabbit Café is a tranquil winery, where you can unwind after a long road trip. Relax with a local wine or cider straight from the vineyard or indulge in a feast of fresh produce.