Date Crate

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Up until now we have only reviewed date ideas that you can go to, but Date Crate is the first date idea that will come to you. For less than the cost of an average dinner for two, you can have a unique date experience delivered to your door. Because all the planning is done for you, Date Crate is the only example of a date idea we can think of where no one on the date has any idea or responsibility to decide where the night will lead. Date Crate shows that a night in, doesn’t need to be a night in vain.

Gelato Messina

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Going for ice cream is up there with going to the movies and getting coffee in the typical date idea hall of fame. But this isn’t, so why would we need to suggest getting ice cream then? Don’t get us wrong going for ice cream is a great date idea, but why not aim higher and get the best gelato in Australia? According to the Good Food Guide you’ll get this at  Gelato Messina.


Cheap Dates, Date Nights, First Dates, Melbourne

Can’t decide whether to go out for a fun, cheap meal or to a top quality restaurant for your next date night in Melbourne? Why not have both (¿por qué no los dos?) *Cue mariachi music* Fonda does mexican street food and it does it very well. They focus on food that is fresh and meant to be shared, so find someone to share it with and awake your love life from its siesta. 

Mollie’s Bar and Diner

Cheap Dates, Date Nights, First Dates, Melbourne

Melbourne can feel pretty dreary in the depths of winter and most people think you have to fly far away to escape it. However Mollie’s Bar and Diner allows you and your date to escape by climbing a single flight of stairs. Fans of Enid Blyton’s “The Magic Faraway Tree” will feel right at home as they climb up from the cold, slippery abyss of Smith Street into a summery and welcoming environment. Also both The Magic Faraway Tree and Mollie’s Bar and Diner have a really big tree that is very central to their character.

Royal Croquet Club Melbourne

Activity Dates, Cheap Dates, Date Nights, First Dates, Group Dates, Melbourne

*This event has now finished, if you want to get your good food and croquet fix your best bet is Piggery Cafe at Burnham Beeches*

This summer Melbourne has planned for you the perfect date itinerary and conveniently arranged it into a nice little precinct by the Yarra.  Food, music, culture and fun are all well represented at the Royal Croquet Club Melbourne.

Cat in a tunnel

Cat Cafe Melbourne

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Melbourne is a city with cafes so close to it’s heart that you could be lead to believe the Yarra River was a never-ending stream of coffee. So when a unique cafe opens up it’s worth taking note and Cat Cafe Melbourne is certainly unique. Oh and anyone who tries to get you to drink Yarra water is not your friend.

Carlton Brewhouse- Brewery Tour

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Everybody knows that flowers are romantic, but roses are so cliché and predictable aren’t they? For too long flowers such as hops and barley (the backbone of beer) have been overlooked when the subject of romance has been raised.

Little Creatures Picnic Bike Melbourne

Little Creatures Picnic Bikes

Activity Dates, Cheap Dates, First Dates, Group Dates, Melbourne

*Unfortunately, this venue has closed but you can grab a bike and beer at the new Geelong Little Creatures *

Now everybody knows a picnic is a great date idea, but let us help you step that date up a little. At Little Creatures Dining Hall you can buy a picnic packed for you and two bikes are thrown in for free!