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Up until now we have only reviewed date ideas that you can go to, but Date Crate is the first date idea that will come to you. For less than the cost of an average dinner for two, you can have a unique date experience delivered to your door. Because all the planning is done for you, Date Crate is the only example of a date idea we can think of where no one on the date has any idea or responsibility to decide where the night will lead. Date Crate shows that a night in, doesn’t need to be a night in vain.

When you crack open a date crate you will no doubt be struck by the incredible creativity and quality of the items chosen to be included inside. Each crate follows a theme for the month and this is executed with incredible detail, right down to a link for a Spotify playlist curated to perfectly accompany the night.

Food, drinks, activities and a whole host of surprises line each crate like a treasure chest. However, special mention must go to the conversation starters which are thoughtfully chosen to push you beyond the easy “How was work? Good, you?” small talk trap. For this reason it could be a risky first date option, as you will probably find yourself in a little deeper than you want to be at that stage. However, over the journey of a relationship this kind of conversation is incredibly important, so why not chat about these things whilst enjoying some yummy surprises and treats?

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