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Chances are if you’ve ever been in a relationship for any reasonable amount of time you’ve been on at least one picnic. It is a truly classic date idea. However you’ve probably never been on a picnic as stunning as the one Melbourne Picnics serve up! Every aspect of the picnic; from the food, the location and the set up is styled in a way that encourages a fun and memorable date. The best bit is that everything is done for you, so no more cutting up carrots into little sticks or lugging around picnic baskets! All of this is perfect for surprises, anniversaries and engagements especially! This is because until you arrive at the picnic, your partner will have no idea anything special is going on. You just book a time and arrive at your designated snacking and relaxing wonderland in Fitzroy Gardens, East Melbourne.  Part of the adventure includes a sort of treasure hunt, as you follow the map emailed to you in advance, showing exactly where in Fitzroy Gardens your picnic will be held. When you arrive you will realise what are treasure you are in for. Because this is no ordinary picnic, you won’t be given just ordinary food or picnic rug. The packages vary, but depending on which one you choose you’ll be supplied rugs, cushions, baskets, little wooden boxes, flowers, tables and games.

It can only be a great picnic, if you eat great food so obviously they have that aspect under control. The food is prepared locally in Abbotsford at the Convent Bakeryso you will be treated with food that you won’t be able to find wandering up an aisle at Coles. Plus the platters are huge and everything you don’t eat or drink at the picnic you can take home to enjoy. Don’t worry if it rains, as your picnic can be set up under-cover at the park. Alternatively, if it is really coming down it can all be moved to your home or post-poned with enough notice. The only thing they don’t set up for you is a date to take along, but we’ll leave that up to you to organise.

Rating (Out of 5)

Romance: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥   

Cost: $ $ $ $

Fun: :) :) :) :) 


Address: Fitzroy Gardens, Melbourne (Can do other locations, but this is not included in the standard package)

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